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eunotice is an Applescript application (applet) that notices Apple Events sent to it from Eudora when certain things happen and passes the data received to scripts of your choosing according to the nature of the occurrence.
After the command tell app "Eudora" to start notifying alias "path:to:applet" when mail arrives has been issued, Eudora will send to the applet a list of all new messages that remain in the In mailbox when  mail arrives.  The command tell app "Eudora" to stop notifying disables notification.
eunotice serves as a control and distribution centre for these events as well as certain other undocumented features.  It "notices" what has occurred and what data has been sent with the notification and forwards the data to scripts you have registered in eunotice.
A folder of scripts is included for Eudora’s Scripts menu and toolbar buttons can be assigned to these scripts.  eunotice can be completely controlled and configured from within Eudora.
A folder with sample scripts is provided for each of the five occurrences and new skeleton scripts can be produced for each occurrence on the click of a toolbar button with the script "euno_make new script".
The purpose of eunotice is to take the pain out of Eudora Applescript filters, which requires rather abstruse syntax.  All the tricky stuff is hidden away in eunotice itself, so that the user has only to use straightforward syntax to deal with a list of message references.